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Laura 05-27-2017 07:00 AM

New Express Bus Model Concept Test (lower Manhattan, 5/30)
New Express Bus model Test (2 Broadway, across Bway) on 5/30 (Memorial day weekend)
MTA NYC Transit's Office of ADA Compliance would like to invite you to
attend a bus demonstration of a new concept bus that has a totally new
design. If you can attend it would be great to have you evaluate this
concept vehicle from an ADA standpoint. We do apologize for the short
notice, but we received the information on short notice as well. However,
please feel free to spread the word to other wheelchair users you may know
who would benefit from viewing it as well. Even if you don't ride express
buses, if you use a scooter or wheelchair, please come and try it and give
your opinions. The current models are difficult to use and maintain. Let's
see if this one will be any better. Bring others!

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