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Post Street cart vending legislation

Street cart vending legislation
By increasing the amount of sidewalk food vendors can occupy and the # of
permits, people with disabilities especially wheelchair users will be
negatively impacted. It is hard enough to try & maneuver sidewalks between
legal foodcarts and illegal vendors. Increasing the space and the number
of permits and people in line as they wait for their food will take a
better part of the sidewalk.
The enforcement unit is a joke anywhere except specific midtown (central
business districts) locations. I can only compare the enforcement of
booksellers @ 72 & Broadway with 181 & 207 Sts.
In a message dated 10/24/2016 12:42:22 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: I am reaching out to folks with wide list
serves about the proposed package of legislation that will greatly
increase the number of street vending licenses -- and dramatically change
how they operate on our ever-shrinking public sidewalks. A hearing is
scheduled for Wednesday on the topic. The NYTimes did a terribly one-sided
editorial endorsing the legislation, which is unfortunate -- and short
sighted. We need to make lots of noise on this subject, in part because
the bill just got released for public review 11 days ago -- and now a
hearing. CB4 is testifying, but I do not know if any other Community
Boards are. The timing, frankly, is hostile to public input and any
community consideration. In short, the bill will add 600 new vendor
licenses/year for seven years, effectively doubling the number of vending
licenses after 7 years to what there is now. It also allows them to
operate further onto the sidewalk, 3' in from the curb, which will take
away more of our sidewalk space -- not to mention the privatization of
said space overall. Increases locations where they can operate and there
is vague language that could allow vending in public plazas -- and in the
end, in 2025, it creates the right to remove a vending license cap
altogether. The good piece is that it creates a Street Vendor Enforcement
Unit, but the number of staff dedicated to it is paltry considering the
city could end up with almost 9,000 street vendors. Feel like making some
noise on this? Happy to provide you a bit more info, or talking points if
you can share with neighbors. I'm trying to start a twitter campaign,
aimed at local council members and the Speaker because she is basically
driving this bill down our throats. Happy Monday! Jeffrey Jeffrey Cole
"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."-Lao Tzu
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