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Angry Have you been discriminated against while trying to get healthcare?

Dear ICS Member,It’s a simple fact that people with disabilities
sometimes get sick and die because they can’t get access to healthcare,
despite the fact that, by law, all healthcare facilities and services are
supposed to be fully accessible. This includes hospitals, clinics, labs,
screening facilities (such as places that provide MRIs, CT scans,
mammography), doctors’ offices, and dental, hearing, and vision services.
At ICS we’ve been working for years to make healthcare more accessible for
our members with disabilities. You can learn more about that here and in
the video above.Now, we’re taking our advocacy to the next step, gathering
information from consumers who have been discriminated against because of
their disability when trying to get healthcare. The information we are
gathering will be used to help make healthcare facilities and services
more accessible. If you or anyone you know has had this experience, please
call, or ask them to call our complaint hotline or send us an email. Leave
your name, number and the best times to reach you. An ICS Health Access
program staff member or volunteer will call you back. You do not need to
identify yourself publicly to participate or to make a difference. You
just need to reach out and tell us your story.Please call 646.653.6242 or
send an email to you.
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