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Exclamation Contestants Needed for Ms. Wheelchair NY!

/From:/ Ruthee Goldkorn <>

/Date:/ Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:32 pm
/Subject:/ OH MY!!!

Please!! Please!! The Ms Wheelchair New York Pageant has suffered a
catastrophe. We need your help===quick! There were (yes, were) 4
contestants for the 2009 Ms. Wheelchair New York Pageant. Each of them
canceled! 1 had a car crash, 1 has a PCA with a serious back injury,
etc. etc. etc. You just never know what can happen but when it happens
to everyone at one time...well yes indeed, it can be classified as a
catastrophe. The eligibility criteria is the use of a wheelchair
(manual or power) or scooter 100% outside the home. If you do not need
it or you can use another mobility aid inside your home, we do not
care!!! In the community, at school, at work, shopping, etc. if you use
a wheelchair or scooter you meet the criteria. The only other criteria
is being between the ages of 21 and 60. Oh yeah, sorry guys. Girls
only!! The message of the Pageants (all 30 of them) is elevating the
status of women with disAbilities and that the disAbility community will
be heard from the town hall to the state house to the White House. The
Pageant is being held on Saturday March 28th. (thus the urgency to get a
new slate of contestants!) in Latham. The exact address is 1190
Troy-Schanectady Road. The program will run from 9:30AM to 4:00PM. If
you or some you know meets the eligibility criteria, please call the NY
State Coordinator, Ms. Wheelchair New York 2001 and Ms. Wheelchair
America First Runner Up 2001 Denise DiNoto at 518.694.6744 or e mail
Denise at either
</group/USDemocrat-DisabilityIssues/post?postID=CRK1hbFHMZje1YqpPaZP_ZI_q73A0-QXTutbqmaUBveyIb13ar2PMxg4w8KqlUqpWRhzE56w7n4IKRk> .
New York has never not sent a title holder to the Ms. Wheelchair
America Pageant. Don't make this the time this catastrophe goes
undone. Is that too many double negatives? Sorry-it's late and I'm
pooped. I'm getting up at 5AM to drive and get my tickets to see
Barack's Costa Mesa Townhall meeting!!!! Please. Don't let New York
down. If there is anyone out there (Denise only needs 2 contestants to
make a Pageant!) who wants to carry our message and possibly win the
title of Ms. Wheelchair America, call or e mail Denise ASAP. T I hope
you have someone you can send to Denise.

Ruthee Goldkorn Executive Director, Ms. Wheelchair California Pageant.
Inc a non profit corpooration
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