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Default Difficulty accessing sufficient homecare services?

Empire Justice Center filed a class action lawsuit about a year ago
challenging the state’s system of mandatory enrollment in Managed
Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans in order to receive community-based long-term
care services, such as personal care and consumer directed personal
assistance (CDPAS). (Scofero v. Zucker (16-cv-6125-MAT-JWF). We are
currently seeking additional plaintiffs to join the lawsuit so that we can
demonstrate to the court that this is an ongoing, systemic problem. The
litigation might also help your clients receive the care they need.
The basic issue in the litigation is that the plans are unwilling to
provide sufficient homecare services so that eligible individuals are
able to return home from the nursing home or remain safely in their own
homes without risk of institutionalization. Plaintiffs may be either in
the community or in the nursing home, but unable to receive adequate
homecare services. Plaintiffs may either be enrolled in plans already,
but unable to receive the services from their MLTC plan, or not yet
enrolled in an MLTC plan, but unable to have any plan agree to provide
the care they need. If you know of someone in this situation, we
would like to speak with you. Please contact either me or Elizabeth
Siegel. You can reach me directly or (585)
295-5730; and Elizabeth Siegel or (518)
935-2861. Thanks! Geoffrey
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