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Default NY City Council - 4/18 Intro 433A Disability accessible taxi Presser & Hearing‏

Accessible Taxi Bill (see below).

4/18 11:30 AM, 433-A Presser: - bottom of City Hall steps
4/18, 1 PM, 433-A Hearing: City Council Chamber

The Accessible Taxi Bill will change many PWDs lives! Its gradual transition to an ACCESSIBLE taxi fleet will radically change transportation option for PWDs! Please join us to tell the City Council we support accessible taxis!

If you are submitting written testimony, PLEASE email it to me today!

ntro 433A was originally introduced on 11/30/10. At that time it only included WC accessible taxis.

At present,
"b. For purposes of this section, "accessible taxicab" shall mean any vehicle that:
1. is equipped with a lift, ramp, or any other device, arrangement or alteration, so that such vehicle is capable of transporting persons with physical disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, scooters and similar devices while they remain seated in their wheelchairs, scooters or similar devices;
2. complies with the specifications set forth in regulations promulgated under the americans with disabilities act, including amendments, and regulations in effect, if any, at the time approval of said vehicle for taxicab use is granted by the commission;
3. is equipped with an assistive listening system for persons with hearing impairment that is connected with any intercom, video or audio system, when such a system is installed;
4. is equipped with standardized signs printed in: (a) Braille and (b) large-print text in such manner as provided for and adopted by the commission; and
5. provides sufficient floor space to accommodate a service animal.

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