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Default Press Conf/Rally Protect Consumers' rights to Fair Hearings and Aid Continuing

From: Meghan Taylor
Just want to make a small correction. The press conference/rally will be at 1 pm, (not noon as mentioned below).
For AAR users best say 250 Broadway (between Murray St. and Park Pl), City Hall
morning everyone:

It's great that everyone is so passionate over the recent events, but we need to stay united and focused over what is going on and what we need to do to get THE CONSUMER's message across that the current changes to Medicaid will not be accepted.

Over the last few weeks, CDPAANYS has had several very positive meetings with legislators over these issues. Furthermore, this past Monday 3/4/13, many of our statewide members met in Albany with their respective representatives and gained more support for our issues. TK was also present in Albany on Monday and Tuesday, so he and I could meet with local legislators, in order to get the message across. (I must admit that when TK speaks, people listen).

I, along with all of our Consumers and their PAs from Concepts of Independence and Concepts of Independent Choices, need to give a big thanks to Bryan from CDPAANYS and Leah from CDR for their tireless efforts in getting the message out that the recent decisions must be changed. It also goes without saying that we need to give thanks to Valerie Bogart and all of the advocacy organizations for their hard work and support.

The momentum is building and we are now partnering with ADAPT, Statewide Senior Action Council, CIDNY, Brooklyn Center on Independent Living, Queens Independent Living and others for their support on this effort.

Now it is time for the Consumers and their PAs to speak their voice (we have saved the best for last)!

Consumers need to drive home the message that:

Consumers' rights to Fair Hearing and Aid Continuing must be protected, and
PAs need to be paid a fair and appropriate wage

We are scheduling a rally and press conference at City Hall Park (across the street from 250 Broadway) for Wednesday 3/13/13 at noon.

We need you, your PAs need you, so you need to be there!! Try to get there before noon so we can start on time.

A flyer has been prepared and will be sent out with more details. Other rallies are also being scheduled around the state on 3/13/13, so our message will be heard from Long Island to Buffalo.

We will try to get Tshirts or hats, buttons and signs with the motto:

"Big HMO: Don't Take my RIGHTS / my PAY CHECK"

I hope to see everyone on Wed 3/13/13 at City Hall Park. Also, pass the message on!

Tony Caputo
CEO Concepts of Independence
President CDPAANYS
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