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Default Social Security’s 2016 Red Book is here!

Social Security’s 2016 Red Book is here!
his is our free guide to employment supports for people who receive
Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income, or
both. It explains our work incentives, how working can affect benefits,
where to find local services, and more.

Educators, rehabilitation specialists, and counselors rely on this
publication every year. Whether your clients are thinking about working
now or may want to work in the future, the Red Book can help them consider
the possibilities.

Please tell your members and audiences that the 2016 edition of the Red
Book is available on our website.

For a free printed copy of the 2016 Red Book, please contact:

By Mail

Social Security Administration
Office of Supply and Warehouse Management
Requisition and Quality Control Team
6401 Security Boulevard
2508 Robert M. Ball Building
Baltimore, MD 21235-6301

By Email, Phone, or Fax

Email: st%20for%20Red%20Book
Phone: (410) 965-2039
Fax: (410) 965-2037

Thank you for your partnership and your dedication to the people we serve!

Shirley Saxton, PAS

Social Security Administration

302 W.126th Street,

New York, NY 10027

866-964-1301 X16173

Fax # 212-678-4357


Set up your personal my Social Security account, and make sure your earnings information
is correct.

There’s no line, when you are….. Online, Set up your personal my Social
Security account today!
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