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Post Subject: Letter Writing Campaign: Take Action Now

Concepts of Independence is continuing to work with our statewide
Association in support of better wages and overtime funding to strengthen
consumer directed services. This week we are making a push to get letters
to the editor published. Here in New York City, it is difficult to get
letters into the big newspapers, so it might be more productive to send
letters to your local community newspapers. Basically, the most important
message is that the New York State Medicaid budget must include funding to
cover a $15 per hour wage for our personal assistants.

T.K. Small
Following the success of Lobby Day, CDPAANYS members and consumers
continued the fight, making dozens of appointments for meetings with
legislators in their local district offices. Feedback from these meetings
has been steadily pouring in. Please contact CDPAANYS if you need us to
follow up with any legislators or provide further information on the

CDPAANYS launches Letters to the Editor Campaign
CDPAANYS is launching a letters to the editor campaign, urging consumers,
workers, FIs and family members to write to their regional newspapers on
the importance of funding minimum wage increases. As we continue to fight
for the future of CDPA by demanding that Governor Cuomo and the
Legislature pass a fully funded minimum wage increase in the budget, we
are relying on you to help us carry our message!

One way you can do this is to write a letter to the editor in your local
paper about the need for a funded increased minimum wage. This is an easy
process and can be done by anyone. Letters should be short - 250 words or
less for most newspapers. We have included a few talking points for
guidance as you think about your letter, but papers ultimately want to
hear why this is important to you not talking points.

Together, we can help make sure that CDPA has the necessary funding to be
a strong and successful program for us, and for generations to come. A
list of letter writing guidelines, talking points, and contact information
for 28 newspapers statewide has been posted to the main Advocacy section
of our website, which you can access by ** clicking here.
Copyright 2016 Concepts of Independence, All rights reserved.
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