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Lightbulb DANT Boot Camp for Cultural Workers

We are delighted to announce the applications for our Boot Camp for
Cultural Workers are now open! We would appreciate it if you could spread
to your networks so we can assemble a fantastic set of participants. We
have limited space but hope we can cast the net wide for a terrific cohort
for the Boot Camp.
Best,Kevin & Simi

Application deadline: September 1st

Simi Linton & Kevin Gotkin, Co-Directors of the Disability/Arts/NYC Task
Force (DANT)*, will be running intensive training in advocacy and policy
development for disability arts. Funded by the New York Community Trust’s
Cultural Agenda Fund, the program aims to prepare cultural workers,
advocates, and artists to serve on grant review boards, work in city
agencies, non-profits, and in other pivotal roles that will help
advance disability arts in NYC.

The program will include guest speakers, readings, performance,
assignments to attend performances/exhibits. We are planning a rigorous
and dynamic experience.

Applicants must be located in NYC.

Please apply by September 1st. If you need the application in another
format, email or call 551-427-7907.

Learn more and apply at wAJDfjqFAFIR9Csd2

We look forward to learning more about you!

*The Disability/Arts/NYC Task Force (DANT) is an arts advocacy
organization committed to fostering disability artistry in New York City.
We support this artistry and simultaneously work to dismantle the
entrenched discriminatory practices and policies faced by disabled
artists. DANT is forming around a unique moment for disability arts and
artistry. We are witnessing bold artwork across genres and disciplines
that take up disability as a profound aesthetic and analytic value. And
yet, there are persistent obstacles that limit the possibilities for
disabled artists and disability artistry. DANT is well situated to name
this unique moment and to develop a movement for disability arts to thrive
in New York City.

Simi LIntonDisability/Arts/NYC Task Force
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