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Default Call for technology and ideas to improve safety at intersections for the blind

| October 12, 2017 |
Dear Friends of Mobility Management,There are over 200,000 people with
vision loss living in New York City. While navigating streets with complex
geometries, crowded sidewalks, and frequent construction is difficult for
all residents, itís an even bigger challenge for blind and low-vision
individuals. New assistive technologies can do more to enable blind or
low-vision New Yorkers to navigate public spaces confidently.

New York City and Barcelona recently announced a new joint call for
innovative solutions, challenging the global technology community to
improve safety at intersections for blind and low-vision pedestrians. In
New York City, the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT)
seeks proposals for a wearable technology, smartphone application, or
other technology solution to provide wayfinding assistance to New Yorkers
with vision loss.

Learn more about the challenge by visiting and submit your
application by November 2.

Winning solutions will receive funding to pilot their solutions at
designated locations in New York City and Barcelona.
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