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Default BILS Literacy Zone Partnership Featured in Highbridge Newsletter

BILS Literacy Zone Partnership Featured in Highbridge Newsletter

Literacy Zones are a reform initiative developed by the New York State Board of Regents and the State Education Department to close the achievement gap in urban and rural communities of concentrated poverty and high concentrations of families and individuals with limited literacy or English language proficiency. Highbridge Community Life Center is proud to provide service to the Bronx Zone. This initiative provides pathways out of poverty for individuals and families.

A partner with the Bronx Literacy Zone is Bronx Independent Living Services (BILS). BILS staff has been placed at Highbridge Community Life Center Adult Education facility. Basic Education and GED classes with certified American Sign Language (ASL) instructors administer classes and test administration. In addition, case management services that focus on the special needs of the hearing impaired students are provided. This is an all encompassing program that supports individuals and is tailored to each family's situation. The approach is to work with the clients in the classroom, and address the needs at home to ensure they are able to manage the challenges in their life and successfully complete the program.

Isolody is a hearing impaired woman who began the
program in October 2011. She is raising five children
and commutes from Queens to the Bronx to attend
her classes. Through sign interpreter Stephanie, Isolody
explained the tremendous benefit of the program and
how her curriculum has made a difference in her life.
She said learning to read and understand math is
worth the effort to commute and the sacrifice to be
away from her family. The length of the program is
three months. Following completion of the course,
Isolody will be able to take additional classes to
continue her journey. Her ultimate goal is to obtain
her GED certificate and continue her education.

It will allow Isolody the opportunity to live a fully integrated life in mainstream society.

Highbridge Community Life Center is
committed to Literacy Zone and is proud to
provide an education to the hearing impaired.
This will allow these students to learn and
become productive individuals. It enables

HCLC to attain its vision Neighbors helping

neighbors - breaking the cycle of poverty one

day and one client at a time.
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