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Soapbox Bronx Independent Living Services Seeks Board Members

Bronx Independent Living Services (BILS) is looking for new board members. Candidates should submit a resume to Below are criteria new board members should possess.

Criteria for Board of Directors

Commitment to the mission of BILS.

Ability to attend Board meetings 6 times per year in person

Ability to make a financial contribution, or bring in a financial contribution.

Willingness to attend and support program/fundraising events.

Interest in disability advocacy.

Name recognition, senior executive position, legislator; community advocate, strong community volunteer, or able to offer in-kind support to BILS.

Knowledge of non-profit governance and financial management.

Working members.

Diversity in all areas, but most especially in relation to persons with disabilities (Board requirement-51%).

Diversity in terms of industry/field (Veterans, military, real estate, banking, technology, law, health industry, education, advocacy, recreation, etc).

No Conflict of Interest; must be able to abide by BILSís conflict of interest policy.

Brett L. Eisenberg

Executive Director

Bronx Independent Living Services

4419 Third Avenue Suite 2C

Bronx, NY 10457

Telephone: 718-515-2800 ext. 116
Fax: 718 515 2844
Video Phone: 347-269-1792
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