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Default Boxing icon Tedddy Atlas needs sponsors in his corner for charity

from the NY Daily News:
Boxing icon Tedddy Atlas needs sponsors in his corner for charity
Denis Hamill

Boxing guru Teddy Atlas, at foundation's press conference on Tuesday, is hosting cocktail party in his home on Staten Island on June 15.

Thursday, June 2nd 2011, 4:00 AM
Teddy Atlas' amazing charity needs corporate sponsors in his corner.


That's why Atlas is hosting a special cocktail party in his own home on Staten Island on June 15, with sports and movie celebrities on hand, to win over some tax-deductible corporate money for the best charity in this city.

One of the charities that the late, great Daily News sports cartoonist Bill Gallo urged people to contribute to in his name after his death.

Atlas says that his foundation, named after his medical-doctor father, is a bridge.

The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation bridges the needs of people in immediate medical crisis with the road to a cure that is charted by the big-name charities, which often spend as much as 90% of their funding on administrative salaries - with a dime on a dollar going to research.

"But these big charities refer people in need to us," says Atlas. "We support our charity with our annual fund-raiser, where good people with good hearts give $10, $20, $100 or whatever they can afford. But last month, we shelled out $30,000 to people referred to us by big-name charities. I'm not knocking the big charities. I pray they find the cure that will someday make charities like ours unnecessary. But in the meantime, they have all the corporate money and we're doing all the spending for people who need help now. Today."

When the big charities say no, Atlas always says yes to a truly needy request, like the 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who last month needed a $5,000 lift to get into her townhouse. "We bought that without even thinking about it," says Atlas.

Or the 7-year-old girl with the brain tumor in a hospice whose single mother appealed to the country's most famous cancer society for help for transportation costs between Staten Island and New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia to see her kid three days a week.

"They gave the mother a one-time $50 voucher," says Atlas. "This mom is already leveraged out to the eyeballs on everything her daughter's illness has cost. And she can't afford the $200 a week in gas, tolls, parking to get up there. So we told her we'd take care of all her transportation. Plus we're working on sending the child away somewhere, maybe Disney, because - and I hate to say this because we're hoping for a miracle - it might be her last summer. The mom got our name from the people who said no, the same people who get all the big corporate sponsors."

On Tuesday, Atlas held a press conference in the Richmond Country Savings Foundation, where CEO Cesar Claro presented the boxing guru with a check for $100,000 to the Atlas Foundation. Claro also sent out 120 letters to his top corporate clients, asking them to come to the Atlas cocktail party on Wednesday, June 15, from 6p.m. to 8 p.m., to meet some sports and movie stars and to listen to Atlas tell them why he so desperately needs some of the corporate dollars they regularly send to the big charities.

"I'll tell them about a kid with muscular dystrophy named Steven, 4, who needed a custom-loaded bilateral solid ankle foot brace called an AFO brace that cost $937.62. The big charity said no, because their money goes to administrative costs and research. They gave his family our number. We bought it for him."

Atlas will also tell them about the 6-month-old with liver disease who needs a $300,000 liver transplant. "The family is leveraged to their ears but the surgery will happen," Atlas says. "Problem is not for another four months. Meanwhile, the baby needs to continue on three lifesaving medications with co-payments of $500 a piece. That's $1,500 a month, or $6,000 that the family just doesn't have. The big charity gave them our number. We're paying. But we need help now, too. Corporate help to keep this bridge that's getting overcrowded by the day from falling down."

Hands down the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation is the best charity in New York. Every dime contributed goes directly to people in need. Teddy Atlas has opened his big heart for the needy among us for the last 15 years. Now he's opening his home to ask some of the corporate guys and gals to steer a little tax-deductible money that usually goes to the big charities to his grassroots foundation.

He needs you in his corner.

Corporate donors, please call City Councilman James Oddo at (718) 980-1077.

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