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Soapbox The Fight for FairFares Is Not Over!

Dear Friend, Access to public transit is a necessity for all New
Yorkers, but especially for workers struggling to survive on low wages,
young people seeking an education, parents getting kids to school, and
everyone trying to build a better life in our city. Yet for one out of
four low-income New Yorkers, bus and subway fares have become
unaffordable. That’s why we’re grateful for the overwhelming public
support for our Fair Fares campaign to provide half-price MetroCards for
poor New Yorkers. To all of you who have stood with us in this
effort—thank you! You have helped put the issue of transit affordability
squarely on the public agenda. You can truly be proud of the progress made
this year. We were hopeful that Mayor de Blasio—who spoke of the urgent
need to address the city’s “affordability crisis”—would remember transit
affordability when announcing the city’s final budget. However, despite
strong public support and the backing of 40 City Council Members, Public
Advocate James, Comptroller Stringer, 4 of the 5 Borough Presidents, and
more than 50 community groups, the mayor declined to fund even a modest
proposal to spend $50 million out of the city’s $85 billion budget for
transit discounts for the poorest New Yorkers. The fight is not over!
Affordable transit will help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, and we
will continue to make it clear to the mayor that Fair Fares is not going
away. Add your voice! Tell the mayor we all need a public transit system
that is a gateway to economic opportunity, not a barrier. As this NY Times
editorial says, Fair Fares is “an overdue humanitarian effort to ease the
transit burden on the poor.” We’ve come a long way and together we will
get this done.
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