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Default Delayed Implementation of Queens Non-Emergency Transportation Management

Delayed Implementation of Queens Non-Emergency Transportation Management
Dear Provider,
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) staff have
worked very closely with LogistiCare (LGTC) over the last five weeks to
for the implementation of Queens. Based upon our experience with
Brooklyn's May
implementation, processes for ordering trips have been streamlined, trips
requests are approved on the day the request is made, and transportation
provider issues are being addressed on a more individual basis. LGTC has been
responsive to providers and us, and have hired more staff to assist in
preparation for Queens implementation.
On Thursday, June 21, NYSDOH and LGTC
attended a meeting with members of the Greater New York Hospital Association
(GNYHA), and heard some concerns which warrant a delay implementing
Due to recent closures of hospitals in Queens, the remaining
hospitals have instituted a swift discharge process (involving
transporters) so
that needed beds become available quickly. The current LGTC process needs
to be more closely aligned with hospital discharge practices to ensure that
requests for discharge transports are handled efficiently and with no
While the top 150 orderers of transportation services in Queens
have been visited by LGTC staff to discuss new request procedures, and
given to other ordering providers, a number of hospitals continue to feel
uncertainty regrading their readiness with the new processes, and seek
additional training of hospital staff by LGTC prior to
Ensuring as high a comfort level as possible
for ordering medical providers is crucial for a successful implementation.
feedback received during the GNYHA meeting indicated that there is still some
work to do, both in educating facilities, and ensuring that LogistiCare's
process for handling discharges supports the needs of the hospital
Accordingly, NYSDOH has
decided that a delay of one month for the Borough of Queens, to August 1,
2012 will provide the necessary time to address these important facility
concerns. These additional 31 days will give us and LGTC time to continue to
refine existing processes further so that implementation will be smooth and
For trips that occur during
July, the existing processes should continue to be used, including the use of
the DSS-3897 Prior Approval form. For trips which occur on or after August 1,
requests should be made to LogistiCare.
If you have any questions about this alert, please contact
NYSDOH staff at, or (518)

Deon Weise
Social Worker
Kingsboro Psychiatric Center
Brooklyn, NY
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