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Default Speak With Commissioner Calise This Friday!

Dear ICS Member and everyone,Victor Calise, Commissioner for the
Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, will be the featured guest at
this Friday's Civics League Meeting. The Commissioner, who has been very
supportive of ICS and our members, will spend two hours with us,
discussing questions including:
- What is Mayor De Blasio’s position on the threats to Medicaid? Does
the City have a plan for people with disabilities who live in New York
City if politicians in Washington succeed in radically cutting or
limiting Medicaid?
- What kind of relationship can the Civics League have with the Mayor’s
Office for People with Disabilities that would be mutually beneficial?
- What is the Mayor’s plan to increase truely affordable housing for
New Yorkers with disabilities living on fixed incomes? What is the
status of DRIE? What is the status of Section 8?
- What are the most effective ways to get your concerns heard and acted
on by the various levels of City government – City Council, City
Agencies, Mayor’s Office?
If you plan to attend the Civics League meeting this Friday, September 8,
from 2 to 4 pm in our Brooklyn office, please RSVP to 1.877.958.8427 or
by email to Refreshments will be served. |
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