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Default April 3 Run/Walk for Youth On The Autism Spectrum

Last week, we made a very special announcement about a new program
starting on April
3 for families with autistic children. After reading an article in
Runner's World
about Rob Rueff, who introduced running to his autistic son Ryan and
noticed the
immediate benefits, BP Oddo decided to create a running program to help
Island families with children on the autism spectrum. BP Oddo and
Assemblyman Cusick
reached out to the New York Road Runners, who brought in Autism Speaks to
help develop
a program, which will be available for individuals with autism and their
Utilizing the infrastructure created by NYRR's Open Run series of free
weekly runs
and walks in local neighborhood parks throughout all five boroughs, the
April 3 Run/Walk geared toward youth on the autism spectrum came to
fruition. These
run/walk events will be held every Sunday at 9am at Conference House Park
this Sunday.
Although not required, it is helpful if you could RSVP to the initial
April 3 run/walk
by clicking here.
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