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Default Fight for your Personal Assistant's Wages!

Fight for your Personal Assistant's Wages!

Concepts of Independence is continuing to push for better wages for Personal Assistants by participating in the advocacy campaign described below. Please take a few minutes to send an email to Gov. Cuomo by clicking the link:

Also, Concepts will be attending a statewide Lobby Day being coordinated by the Consumer Directed Personal Assistants Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) on February 8. Additionally, we will be planning local visits to public officials to stress the importance of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program.

If you are interested in attending Lobby Day in Albany or our local work, please reach out to Meghan Taylor at, or 212-293-9999 x244.

T.K. Small

Have you sent an E-mail to Governor Cuomo to fight for $15 for CDPA workers, including asking for Medicaid and human service sector funding to pay for it? If not, there is still time!!

The #15andFunding Campaign is building momentum and we need your support! With over 50 organizations in support, including CDPAANYS, we are showing the broad support of human services and Medicaid sector for increasing the minimum wage for all low-wage workers and for this increase to be fully funded for human services and Medicaid sectors.

There is only ONE WEEK until the Governor's State of the State. We need to make sure that our sector is not only included in this historic move, but also that we have the funding necessary to successfully implement this needed wage increase for our sector. Please, e-mail Governor Cuomo NOW to ask him to include this message next week.

Currently, more than half of human services workers and Medicaid-funded care workers in New York earn less than $15 per hour. We support Governor Cuomo's proposal to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour for all low-wage workers, including human services workers. We were encouraged to see Governor Cuomo's announcement to phase a minimum wage increase for all state workers to $15 per hour. We need to ensure that this increase also applies to contracted human services workers and Medicaid- funded care workers such as personal assistants, which serve as an extension of the State's workforce providing essential public services.

Please take a few seconds and show your support by emailing the Governor and asking him to include the message of #15andfunding in his State of the State address.

The #15andFunding Campaign advocates to ensure that Medicaid workers and human services workers are included in any wage increase and that nonprofits receive the funding needed to support this increased wage. Personal assistants are at the frontlines, taking care of us, our families and our friends. They are keeping us out of institutions and in our homes. They are saving the State millions through the provision of less expensive care in the community. They deserve to be included in a a state-wide minimum wage increase. It's essential that no one should have to choose between doing meaningful work and sustaining a livable lifestyle for their families. Without funding, fiscal intermediaries will be at risk of closing programs, as they cannot continually cover these rising costs on already tight budgets.
We need the Governor's support to:

Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour for all workers in New York State, including human services and Medicaid-funded care workers
Amend government human services contracts and Medicaid reimbursements to fund the wage increase
Increase assistance to local social services districts, to enable increases in local contracts to support the wage increase

Show your support for funding the wage for human services workers, by taking just a few seconds to send a letter to the Governor.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association has been working on this issue for years and is now working with a coalition to help lead the #15andFunding Campaign calling on Governor Cuomo to include and support contracted nonprofits by funding the minimum wage increases. We hope you will add your voice to this important fight.

Feel encouraged to forward this email on to your friends, colleagues, and families. We need to show the strong and extensive support for our campaign!

Posted by: Luda Demikhovskaya <>
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