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Soapbox ACTION NEEDED! Support for Fair Funding for NYC Health and Hospitals

-------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: [CPANYS] Fw: ACTION NEEDED! Support for Fair Funding for NYC
Health and Hospitals
From: "Luda Demikhovskaya [CPANYS]"
Date: Wed, March 2, 2016 9:34 am
To: "0-CPANYS" <>
"1-DNNYC" <>

Message from The Health and Hospitals Municipal Labor Subcommittee and
Commission on the Public's Health System

We need you to support Fair Funding for
NYC Health + Hospitals

TELL Governor Cuomo to support fair distribution of Safety Net Funding.

Last year NYC Health + Hospitals (formerly known as Health and Hospitals
Corp.-HHC) received only $96 million out of a possible $3.5 BILLION in
funds that are supposed to go to care for costs of people on Medicaid and
people who are uninsured.

NYC Health + Hospitals sees 1.2 million patients without receiving its
fair share of funds. Changes have to be made by our Legislators on
short-changing and exclusion to access vital dollars. This is not about
Health + Hospitals. This is about the millions of New Yorkers who access
and need our public hospitals and other true safety-net providers.

What is Must!.

State legislation to change the current definition of a safety net hospital.

State legislation to target DSH funding meant for care of indigent
patients, especially those in high need and uninsured. Eliminate
restriction of NYC Health + Hospitals being last to receive funds.

Tell your elected officials to

1. Support amending Vital Access Funds for the NYC Health + Hospitals

2. Support and Amend Legislation A.9007-A/S6407-A of 2016 to adequately
fund NYC Health + Hospitals.

Governor Cuomo 518-474-8390 or toll free number at:

Twitter: Send a tweet to @NYGovCuomo and include the hashtag #NYGovCuomo

Send a Thank you to

Majority Leader Flanagan 518-455-2071

Assembly Speaker Heastie and the Assembly for their support!
Twitter: Send a tweet to @NYSA_Majority and include the hashtag #NYSAssembly

Let's stop the politics and games. We have in New York City, certain
private hospitals, who don't deserve the current amount of state funds
intended for true safety-net hospitals.

If you need more details, please feel free to email or call CPHS. Or check
out one of reports at


In solidarity,

Anthony Feliciano
Commission on the Public's Health System
45 Clinton St New York, NY 10002
Cell: 646-325-5317
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