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Soapbox We need YOUR feedback on rate cuts in managed care!

Over the past month, CDPAANYS has spoken to people throughout New York
about the effect that dramatic reimbursement cuts from managed care plans
are having. We know that these cuts have resulted in devastating wage
reductions to personal assistants - in some cases, more than $2.00/hour.
In many regions of New York State, fast food now pays better than
providing critical at-home assistance to seniors and people with
disabilities in CDPA.

We are doing significant advocacy on this issue, meeting with managed care
plans and the Department of Health. What has become plainly evident to us
in these meetings is that, just as FIs have no choice but to cut wages
based on reimbursement, plans are not receiving a high enough rate from
the state to pay enough money to FIs. In other words, the State is
underfunding Medicaid and has been for years - and this is causing the
system to break, with real life impact on consumers and workers.

Senator Kemp Hannon, Senate Health Committee Chair, has been a great ally
in our work on this issue. We are also working with the plans themselves.
However, to be most effective, WE NEED YOU.

Specifically, we need to hear from you when things go wrong.

We need YOUR experience. We want all your stories, in great detail.
Consumer, personal assistant and family member perspectives are all

Have you had to scramble to replace personal assistants? Has someone in
your family been forced to stop CDPA because hiring has become impossible?
Have you or someone you know wound up in a nursing home? Are you
struggling to manage your program because wage reductions are causing
undue stress? Are you unable to fill all of your authorized hours? How has
this issue impacted your mental and physical health - and that of your
families and workers?

Are you a Personal Assistant? How has the wage cut impacted you? Are you
still able to pay for the basic necessities? Were you before? Are you
looking for a new job? Have you already been forced to quit because of the
low wage?

Send your story to or click here to use the fillable
form at our website.

CDPAANYS thanks the hundreds of advocates impacted by drastic wage cuts
who took the time to make phone calls and send letters to Governor Cuomo
and their local Assembly and Senate representatives. Your participation
and fighting is the heart and soul of all CDPAANYS' advocacy.

We all need to work together - plans, providers, consumers, advocates - to
keep New York from destroying CDPA.

119 Washington Ave Suite 3A
Albany, NY 12210

PH: 518-813-9537
FAX: 518-813-9539
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