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Post autism school referred to in parade article april 3, 2011

my grandson has autism and he is functioning at a 3 or 4 year old level, although he is 8. minimal verbal skills, still in diapers!! I am trying to find out the name of the school the Eisman's sent their daughter Dana to in Austin, Tx which taught her to communicate via compute and revealed a much greater intelligence than they had previously suspected. thanks

ps I live in MI and FL now, my grandson lives in MI and I am from Queens and LI originally, so that's my NY connection. thanks for any help in this. I am doing this for my step son. vicki
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Hi goldengurl,

I haven't found any information on the program mentioned in the article, but I'll ask around. I also heard of another program profiled in A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back To Autism, but I don't remember where it was located. Sadly, it usually falls to the family to find out about these things! Hope you find the right program or information you need for your grandson :)

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