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Soapbox Community First Choice Option Advocacy Needed

This just in from CDPAANYS:
>We are on the verge of ending a decades long fight to bring freedom to
>tens of thousands of New Yorkers living with disabilities. New York is on
>the verge of breaking down the barriers that have kept people in
>institutions and out of their own houses. We are breaking down the silos
>that have kept people from improving their quality of life and offering
>all the services someone needs, regardless of their disability. We are
>breaking down the institutional bias that has forced tens of thousands to
>leave their homes and languish in nursing homes.
>Community First Choice, a new Federal program offered to State's, would
>give the State additional money to coordinate services it is already
>offering to help people live in the community. Consumer Directed Personal
>Assistance would form the backbone of this new service; however, for those
>who cannot direct their own care, a change to the law is needed that will
>allow health care workers with specific training to do things that
>currently only a nurse can do.
>This is not a new idea. People in Consumer Directed Personal Assistance
>have been doing this successfully since the mid-90s. One family even
>managed the care of their loved one who was in a coma, with a high result,
>for almost a decade. We have heard stories of family members supervising
>the care of individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia, who attest to the
>fact that the individual's have a higher quality of life and higher
>functional level once they enter self-directed care.
>However, even though the Health Committee is supportive of this idea, the
>Assembly left it out of their budget bill.
>The opposition means that the Community First Choice option may not
>happen. It means that thousands of people will not have the opportunity
>to live in the community. It means that the silos that currently prevent
>people from getting all the services they need to live in the community
>will stay in place.
>Please help us fight for freedom. Send a message to Assembly Leadership
>and your local Member and tell them to protect your right to stay in your
>home, pass Community First Choice.
>Click the link below to log in and send your message:
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