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Default PWDs Can Earn $50 for Doing a Phone Video of a Presidential Candidate's Response To a

PWDs Can Earn $50 for Doing a Phone Video of a Presidential Candidate's Response To a Disability Question!!!

From: Jennifer Mizrahi
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2015 9:46 AM
Our new online publication,, will pay $50 to PwDs who attend an event with a presidential candidate and get us video of them answering or addressing a question on disability issues. Here's how it works

1) A person with a disability attends an event with a candidate and asks the candidate a question about a disability issue.

2) That person uses their phone or other means to record the candidate's answer. The recording must be clear enough so that we can understand exactly what the candidate is saying.

3) Email the recording and your contact info to and give us the rights to use the video.

4) If you are the first person to send that video in (especially if you are the person who asked the question) we will send you $50. If multiple copies of the SAME video are submitted by multiple people, only the first person to submit that video will get the $50.
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