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Default Woman in Wheelchair Pleads to Get Broken Elevator Fixed

from NBC local:
Woman in Wheelchair Pleads to Get Broken Elevator Fixed
updated 1 hour 36 minutes ago
A Queens woman in a wheelchair is pleading for help after her building's elevator stopped working after Thanksgiving, keeping her trapped indoors.

Faith Rossworn, 33, suffers from a joint disease called Arthrogryposis and has been in a wheelchair all her entire life. It usually doesn't stop her from doing just about anything she wants. But three weeks ago, after she went away for Thanksgiving, she returned to discover the elevator in her Forest Hills building was broken.

"Being on the second floor, I had no way of getting back up the stairs," she said.

Her husband and some other men in the building had to carry her up two flights of stairs to her apartment. Since then, the elevator has been fixed and broken multiple times.

As a result, Rossworn, who works from home, has only left the apartment twice since Thanksgiving.

Rossworn called everyone in search of answers and has gotten none.

"Yes, I have a disability but I also live a pretty normal life and I just want to be out with my husband and my friends, doing things that most people take for granted," said Rossworn.

She and her husband say enough is enough, and they worry about what they would do if there were some sort of emergency.

"I want to see the elevator fixed as soon as possible, and I mean fixed to the point where they're not doing patch work," said Chris Ross, Rossworn's husband.

NBC 4 New York's call to the company that runs the building at 72-81 113th St., Sibling Management, as well as the city, were not returned.

Rossworn said she just wants someone to acknowledge that without an elevator, she is in danger. She still has no answers.
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